Herzlich willkommen!

Welcome to the new Instant 80 server, the server is just under construction but will be online soon! Its a Hamachi Server ;)

Here are a few things from the server

- S8 Free
- Free Transmog
- Costum Gear T-11 S9
- ALL T Sets Free
- Mounts
- New Arena Season
- Pet Battle
- Lots of Events / PvP PvE
- Many malls
- All Inis raids and present 98% bug free

- The server is very stable and is available 24 hours online!
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
As I also I'm looking for some GM's sending me to your applications
Email: DivariusLp@rocketmail.com
Skype: Bladerroxxor

Good luck :)


Create a Account on and Join the Server ;)



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